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Life Lessons

Talk about a life lesson … Black turning Red's crisis into a book – a brand – a business. But even Red's crisis (her husband getting fired) was a life lesson as it was the catalyst which forced her to face reality and take control of her life.

"Duh" versus "Teachable" Moments

Many of the life lessons that are intertwined in our story, that are relevant for men and women of all ages, are what Red calls a bunch of "duh" moments. Black, of course, sees things differently. She sees them as "teachable" moments – if you stop and think about them. Key word being "think."

Teachable moments are typically a fleeting opportunity (although they happen all the time) to look at things from a very different perspective – almost like an out-of-body experience – as you ask yourself, what can be learned from this? Of course, these moments can be shared with others. (Red now feels that she "teaches" her daughters far more effectively when she uses things that come up in everyday life as "teachable" moments rather than taking a "we need to have a conversation" approach.)

They often come in the form of innocent, half-hearted questions, similar to the time Red casually said to Black, not really expecting or even wanting an answer, "That's my problem. How do I know the difference between smart spending and stupid spending?" To which Black quickly replied, "Have you ever thought about thinking before spending?" Once Red calmed down, initially thinking that Black was being sarcastic, she realized that Black was merely being pragmatic. Not only did that response make such a huge difference in Red's life, but when we tell the story at speaking engagements, you hear the laughter … but you also know it has become a powerful teaching moment.

Most of our life lesson "moments" (you decide whether they should be called "duh" or "teachable") are very light-hearted on the surface, but sometimes they are more serious, such as our "Apology To 8th Graders."



Life Lessons