For Real People

Our book was intended as the basis of a sitcom when it was launched by Neiman Marcus in August of 2009, and almost immediately we were asked to do speaking engagements as people were curious about our book, self-publishing (everyone seems to have a book inside them), how we got Neiman Marcus to launch our book, etc. And that was BEFORE our book started its journey into the education world, and then prisons. Since then, many people have told us (their words – not ours) that they have found our messages inspirational and motivating.


Our speaking engagements, including conference keynotes, include an extremely wide range of organizations, companies and associations (in addition to our “work” in the education and prison worlds). We offer a wide assortment of topics, such as: the chronology of "Red & Black" (life never goes as planned), the subjects addressed in our book (including personal finance and other Life 101 topics), educational strategies, our business decisions, and our thoughts on “mindset and perspective.” (For a complete list of all the entities, as well as brief descriptions of past speaking engagement, click on the links to the right.)

There are countless ways to tailor our appearances to meet the specific needs of you and your audience, and we will work with you to meet your objectives. Also, since we have years of experience with widely different entities, we can provide insight on what others have done. Not to mention, we can spin on a dime and modify our “conversations” at the last minute because we are not tied to a script. (Much to the dismay of Red, who was the straight-A student and would prefer to study in advance.) Oh, and based on experience, we suggest you leave ample time for Q&A.


  • General Public
  • Corporate
  • Employees
  • Customers / Clients
  • Donors & Fund Raisers
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Women’s Groups
  • Faith-based Entities
  • Educators
  • Students
  • Community Organizations
  • Literacy Organizations
  • Politicians & Political Action Groups
  • Red & Black Book Clubs


Whether you are interested in a creative program for current or potential customers/clients, looking for a new approach to professional and/or personal development, or merely looking for a way to deliver inspiring – and relevant – messages in an entertaining fashion, we would welcome the opportunity to work together to help you meet your objectives.

Have any questions? Want more information? Contact Red at Red01@RedandBlackBooks.com.