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Special Thanks

What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!

Dedicated To:

 Natasha and Sawyer, the two most important people in my life – today, tomorrow, always. 
 The three who will always be ... in my memory, in my heart, in my soul.

Acknowledgements In The Book

It was an amusing moment – our Consulting Publisher told us it was time to focus on the acknowledgements we wanted to list in the front of our book. We looked at each other and we both knew immediately what the other was thinking. NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS! It is not that we are incredibly conceited and have no one we want to publicly thank. The problem is we have so many people that have supported us over the years, given us invaluable advice, and written words of encouragement that propelled us forward that we could not possibly mention all of them in the book without running the risk of inadvertently forgetting someone. And we (or at least Red) would feel awful.

However, there were three entities that we knew had to be mentioned in the book:

  • BRIGHT SKY PRESS as consulting publisher for making this project not only polished, but possible.
  • MIKE GUILLORY DESIGN AND ILLUSTRATION for giving our trademark a needed nose job and adding a sense of style to all our illustrations.
  • KLEIS DESIGN for taking pages and pages of words and designing a book that surpassed all our expectations.

Other Special People

But what to do about all the other people that we wish to acknowledge? Black, in her usual pragmatic fashion, suggested we handle it on our website – and (because she is unbelievably organized) even broke it down into categories:

  • The Business Side
  • The Red Side
  • The Black Side

The people we have chosen to include (click here to see who and why they made the list) are truly important to us and, unlike some authors who might list famous people in their acknowledgements believing that might make them look important, everyone who is included that has a recognizable name is there for a specific reason.

There are countless other people who probably should have been included, but at the risk of going on and on (like some of the winners at the Academy Awards), we have self-imposed space limitations.

And, of course, we must thank our mom because without her none of this would have been possible.