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Unusual Family Tree


They say truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Not sure we want to admit to being strange, but we will admit to being different. But then, most sisters are. However, our relationship and differences may be a little more extreme because Black is a little more extreme.

Let us briefly introduce ourselves: Red, the younger sister, is a redhead who took the path of being a stay-at-home mother and wife. Black, the older sister, is a brunette who personified the role of the professional career woman in the male-dominated oil and gas industry until she decided to semi-retire and be the wife of a highly financially successful man. Red is the warm and fuzzy sister, while Black is the ultimate pragmatic.

We hope our differences will help you see the important issues in your life with a new perspective – maybe from the other side of the fence or as the devil's advocate. Or, perhaps you will empathize with Red or with Black. Most importantly, we hope that we can help you clarify what matters to you, rather than worrying about what matters to anybody else.