Real Life. Real People.
What We Believe

At this point we need to state, in case you have not already realized, that we are real people with real opinions. (And Black has no problem sharing hers with anyone who will listen!) We will be the first to admit we are not experts in any given field, but rather are becoming experts of our own lives. Along the way we have had to “address” various issues, especially once we detoured into the world of education, and it seems that we often look at things differently than what might be considered the norm. (For Black, being different seems to be the norm.)  

At the risk of sounding arrogant, it does not matter to us if you agree with our positions and philosophies, or if you think our business decisions are good or bad (even our attorneys and accountants do not always agree with us). We fully understand – and appreciate – that different people have different perspectives and opinions, which usually makes for interesting discussions (although with Black, it may become a serious debate).

As you will see if you check out the categories on the right, sometimes we e-blast them, sometimes we post them online, and sometimes they may even end up on someone's blog. Other times, we might decide not to call attention to our actions or activities with a specific “statement” or document.

Walk The Talk

Regardless, of how they are delivered, it is important to us that you know that we try to make sure that everything we do – everything we say – everything we think … is based on our values and priorities. And, as Black points out in our book, it is extremely important that our words and actions match.