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How Can We Help You?

It does not take a brain surgeon to know that there is basic information you will want - for background purposes and/or for developing a story - so we have tried to include it in a user-friendly fashion. But, if we have left out anything that you are looking for, please let us know! (Well, let Red know, as she is the "nice" sister.)

No Cookie Cutter Stories … And Always Two Different Perspectives

We do not mean to appear presumptuous – we know you know how to research, develop, and write a story. But Black did a significant amount of research before we proceeded with our book and she may have a unique perspective on various aspects of the entertainment, and in particular publishing, industries. Since then she has expanded her research to include education, criminal justice, personal finance, generational issues … the list continually grows (talk about being a lifelong learner!). Plus, her corporate experience is in business development and marketing so she fully understands external communications.

So, if you let us know who your audience is and what you might want to write about, we can almost guarantee that we can come up with ideas – maybe unusual but always interesting and informative – and provide you with information for an article that is perfectly tailored for your readers. And since Black cannot help but look at things differently than most people (Red thinks that she is a Vulcan), just talking with her will probably generate some intriguing storylines.

But do not forget about Red. She has a good understanding of what appeals to readers and the general population (what she refers to as "mere mortals"), and especially what is important to moms. And, since she is the warm and fuzzy one who cares what people think about her, she watches audiences so knows what is resonating. Not to mention, because she had to learn so much about life in such a short period of time, she has a very useful insight into many different aspects of everyday life. Issues that almost every one has to deal with on a regular basis..

A Starting Point

We are confident that you will not have a problem finding an interesting storyline, or a new angle on current "hot topics" or even getting back-to-basics. To get started, you might want to review our "Can You Connect The Dots?" brochure. Or, maybe just look at the photographs and our very unusual family tree.  

But we also know everyone loves lists, so to get you started we have put together a list of ideas that are yours for the taking. It is not meant to be all-inclusive, just food-for-thought. Our only caveat is that this list is a moving target. Every time we talk to somebody new, we discover that different aspects of Red & Black, our book, our story and/or our many detours, have piqued their interest. We are not sure how we are going to update this list so that you do not have to re-read it every visit, but we (or Black) will figure something out.  

NEW: Our "Starting Point" list.


In Person
You never know when we might turn up in any given city, but if you want advance notice of our travel plans to your area, let us know and we will give you "advance warning."

Meanwhile, we can usually be found in Houston (Red in Sugar Land, which is "next door"). Come visit us on our home territory, but we strongly suggest not scheduling your trip during the heat of summer. (Heat is a huge understatement when it comes to Houston!)

Phone Interviews
We have been told that we "give good phone," which will come in handy because the realities of life – not to mention geography – will not allow us to visit every major city. At least, not on a timely basis. However, we will do our very best to be available by phone to be interviewed and answer your questions.

Written Interviews and Q&A's 
As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes demands on our time make it difficult to do things during normal hours. We love that email is 24/7. (Although there are days and nights when it becomes a love/hate relationship!) And we will do our best to respond to your questions with "interview" style answers in a timely fashion.

Bottom line

If you need content for a story, either a primary storyline or supporting information, or are hoping we may have a relevant opinion or quote (Black always has an abundance of both – but you will have to decide whether or not it is "on point" with your message), please do not hesitate to contact us.