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Our Opinion Of The Media


We strongly believe in the value and importance of relationships. At one point in our book, Black is trying to explain the key to a successful marriage. She relates it to her corporate experience, saying "Even in business, the strongest relationships are based on trust and respect."

When putting together our publishing team we were very fortunate – we had some great options in terms of professional expertise. But our final decision was a function of more personal criteria such as passion, dedication, integrity, and the ability to work together as a team. Our criteria were focused on our desire to build long-term relationships – not to make a one-off, short-term deal. Those relationships have stood the test of time.

We approach everyone in the media in the same way. Your needs may be a single story, or merely a quote, but the underlying philosophy of trust and respect is not a function of word count.

Friend or Foe?

Black's corporate experience (primarily in the oil and gas industry), included investor relations as well as business development, marketing and sales, and financial planning. Although many corporate people look at the media – and the time, effort, and money spent on them – as a necessary evil, Black will be the first to extol their virtues. She has seen first-hand that helping the media do their job more efficiently and effectively, by making necessary (and accurate) information readily available, and being responsive to requests for additional information, made her job easier. (Years ago she realized you can learn a lot by listening to the questions people ask.)

Since we self-published and do not have a large publishing house or a distributor behind us, we do not have sales directors, account reps, marketing directors or publicists at our disposal. We all know in today's world of social networking that technology allows word-of-mouth to spread at an unbelievable speed, but we need voices other than just our own. So, we need your help to get the word out on our book – and our story. We fully understand that helping us is not part of your job, but there is no reason that we cannot align our interests and work together.

A Two-Way Street

We believe What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired! has important insights and information that will be helpful to women and men, young and old. But Red & Black is more than a book. We are a storytelling society and we have seen the power of our stories – whether it is the three months chronicled in the book, or the detours of our journey ever since the book was launched by Neiman Marcus. Since the public often looks to the media for information, guidance and validation, you can help us. And we think we can help you too. That is why we feel that it is a two-way street. (At this point we should warn you, there is no way to stop Black from making car and racing analogies!) Today's audiences crave information in packages that are both informative and entertaining. We believe that if we collaborate, we can develop a wide range of interesting, newsworthy storylines. Storylines that suit all forms of the media. Storylines we are happy to help you tailor to your specific audience.

Proactive AND Reactive

The current economic and political environment has complicated all our lives – personally and professionally. And we believe it has significantly contributed to the feeling we all have that there is more to do and less time to do it in. (In our book, Red was drowning in her "to do" lists – and even with Black's easy-to-implement time management suggestions, she still feels that way sometimes.)

We do not want to inundate you or make you feel as if we are nagging you (although Black claims that is one of Red's areas of expertise), but we believe that we can be a useful resource in terms of an assortment of subjects – ranging from "real life" topics (personal finance, relationships, dealing with piles (make that mountains) of paper, running out of hours in the day) to education to criminal justice. And just like when Black offers Red advice in the book, take it for what it is worth: if any of our ideas or pitches help you, great. If not, ignore them!

The reality is that we have more content than we know what to do with, and Black (being a control freak) always makes sure that we own the rights to all our work – whether our books, our monthly columns, our cartoons. We certainly do not expect you to take the time to read through everything, but we are confident we can provide you with information and food-for-thought that is specifically targeted to your needs – and the interests of your audience.