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A Thanksgiving elephant
By Red & Black – Jewish News, posted 11/09/2016

The Thanksgiving holiday is filled with traditions and memories triggered by the smell of turkey and all the fixings, but is also part of what Red refers to as the “crazy season” … which leads Black to introduce the idea of a Thanksgiving elephant. To read the column written for Jewish News (serving greater Phoenix and northern Arizona), go to … JN November09

Charity starts with ice cream?
By Red & Black – Jewish News, posted 11/02/2016

Of course, charity is a theme that is prevalent this time of year. But, we bet you would expect Red, the warm and fuzzy sister, to be the one to initiate the conversation. However, it is Black, with her typical pragmatic approach, who makes Red stop and think. To read the column written for Jewish News (serving greater Phoenix and northern Arizona), go to … JN November02

The Lessons To Be Learned From Red & Black
By Kevin Price – The Price of Business (KTEK Radio 1110), 06/17/2015

Red & Black, you've been on the show a couple of times and I'm delighted to have them on the program again. We just call them that because it's easy to do if you saw these ladies -one's hair is red and one's hair is black. And they're siblings, so really cool and they have a great message …. To hear the interview, go to … KTEK Radio June 2015

How You Can Help Them In Texas Prisons
By Kevin Price – The Price of Business (KTEK Radio 1110), 09/22/2014

We have our good friends on. We call them Red & Black, if you could see them you'd know exactly what I'm talking about. They're going to spend a little bit of time talking about a great project they're involved in. They're authors, they're very successful business people. I love what they do and always delighted. It's been a long time since we had them on … To hear the full interview, go to … KTEK Radio September 2014

What I Learned About Life
By Kyle Dyer – KUSA News (Denver), 02/21/2014

DENVER - Sisters Tina Pennington and Mandy Williams (aka Red and Black) are the authors of "What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!" When Tina, "Red," found out that her husband had lost his job, and they couldn't afford the lifestyle they were living, she reached out to her financially secure sister Mandy, "Black," for help. The adventure towards the goal of getting Red in control of her money is the theme of the book and it offers lessons for anyone to use. To see the video and associated story … KUSA TV (Dyer)

From Long Island To A Bronx Tale … In A Ferrari?
By Tina Pennington, aka "Red" – Theatre News, August 2013

It seemed only fair. After all, my sister didn't hesitate to turn my personal crisis into a book. So, when Theatre News decided to profile Mandy Williams (aka Black), one of the associate producers of the Dallas production of A Bronx Tale, I was more than happy to have an opportunity for "payback." To read the article, please go to ... Theatre News

Short But Sweet: How Your Business Plan Might Be Holding You Back
By Marcia Layton Turner – Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2012

... Mandy Williams invested even more time -- thousands of hours over the course of a year -- developing a comprehensive business plan for an entertainment production company. To read the entire article, including the opening section which focuses on Red & Black, please go to ... Entrepreneur

Unexpected lights shine in media offerings
Compiled by Pam Spence – Ohio Jewish Chronicle, 12/15/2011

Chanukah looms and we spend some time thinking about overcoming adversity as well as being grateful for some unexpected light in our lives. Some last minute media offerings carry those themes, albeit in an updated context. What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired! is the story of two sisters, raised in a traditional Jewish home—one whose life reads like a Judith Krantz novel and the other whose life was unexpectedly turned upside down. To read more … OJC

Hints For Holiday Shopping
By Christina Rexrode – USA Today, 11/28/2011

Countless "experts" are eager to tell you how to do your holiday shopping. Some of their tips are obvious: Set a budget. Some tips only help stores: If there's someone on your list who doesn't need anything, buy a gift card. Some are useless at this point: Shop throughout the year. We've cut through the noise to offer some warnings, workarounds and hints that actually are helpful. To read more ... USA Today

The History of Red & Black and The Literacy Council of Fort Bend Continues
Fort Bend Focus, November 2011

The vision for the Literacy Council of Fort Bend County started with individuals sitting around a kitchen table in 1987, so it seems only appropriate that this story begin with a similar scenario. To read the article ... Fort Bend Focus

Teens Get Lesson in Financial Literacy
By Tom Zizka – Fox News (Houston), 09/26/2011

HOUSTON - Learning to properly handle personal finances can be a tough lesson for a lot of us, and teenagers don't often get a lot of help in the classroom. But a couple of unlikely teachers are helping KIPP Houston High School seniors by sharing their personal story. To see the video and associated story ... FOX TV (Zizka)

PW Select: Booksellers Reveal Secrets To Self-Published Success
The South
By Marc Schultz – PublishersWeekly, 03/28/2011

When someone asked Mandy Williams, coauthor of What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!, why the kinds of lessons laid out in her self-published personal finance memoir aren't being taught in schools, Willams replies, "How would know? What do I look like, a teacher?" To read the complete article online ... PW Article, to read our profile ... The South.

Local Authors' Book Added To State Board Of Education List Of Approved Materials
By Diane Tezeno – Houston Community Newspapers (Sugar Land Sun), 09/30/2010

Since co-authoring the book "What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired," local authors and sisters, Tina Pennington of Sugar Land and Mandy Williams of Houston have been on a whirlwind journey. From nabbing a Neiman Marcus book launch in August of last year to being asked to develop a financial literacy program for 2010 graduating seniors at KIPP Academy in Houston, the local sisters are soaring from their recent accomplishments. For more ... HCN Article

Money Monday With Red & Black
By Deborah Duncan – Great Day Houston, 09/20/2010 9:00 AM CST

Red & Black are the "opening act" on Great Day Houston's "Money Monday" as Deborah Duncan turns to Red & Black for practical financial advice that applies to everyone regardless of their age and economic circumstances. To see the video … KHOU TV

A Checkered Lesson
By Lauren Hodges – Woodlands Villager, 09/02/2010

Red and Black bring book and financial advice to an event being hosted by Congregation Beth Shalom of The Woodlands, but invitations have also been extended to congregants of many churches in The Woodlands and surrounding areas. To read the article … WV Article

Inspiring Women
Focus on Women Magazine, August 2010

Who would think two baby boomer women – a stay-at-home Sugar Land, Texas mom ("Red") and a retired corporate executive who races Ferraris and Porsches ("Black") – would be the developers of a pilot financial literacy program being introduced at KIPP Houston High School this semester? And who would think a book titled ‘What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!' would be used as a textbook? To read the entire story … FOW August

Raising Kids, Racing Cars
By Michael Duke – Jewish Herald Voice, 8/4/2010

Values, priorities, relationships, financial literacy. What do all of these topics have in common? Everything, according to sisters Tina "Red" Pennington and Mandy "Black" Williams. "It's life," explained older sister Black, in an interview with the JH-V. "How do you separate any given topic in your life from everything else that it touches?" To see the front page article … JHV Article

A Huge Resource - Whether A Sophisticated Investor Or Just Getting Started
By Blaine Douglas – In The Money (KTEK Radio 1110), 07/15/2010 7:00 AM CST

Joined in the studio by Red and Black, two sisters who are here in Houston and have one of the most interesting stories I've read in a long time.To hear the one-hour interview … KTEK Radio

Exciting New Teaching Career
By Maggie Linton & KimAlexander – Cover to Cover Live (Sirius/XM Book Radio), 6/8/2010 3:00 PM EST

Well, before we talk about your exciting new teaching career, let's have a little background on Red & Black and give us the quick and dirty version. To hear the 15-minute interview ... Cover to Cover 2

Money Matters. Red & Black
By Claudia Feldman – Houston Chronicle, 04/12/2010

Sisters give advice to women who may not have paid attention to finances before now but find themselves in a sticky situation. For more ... HC Article

You Needed A Sister And You Got Socrates
By Michael Berry – The Michael Berry Show (KTRH NewsRadio 740), 02/25/2010 7:00 PM CST

Our guests this hour, I think, have a story that all of us need to hear … Tina Pennington, whose husband was fired and in the process looked to the priorities of her life – not just financial, but family, decisions, values. What a neat concept you have done, it's neat to watch two sisters go through life this way. To hear the one-hour interview … KTRH Radio

Sisters 'Red' And 'Black' Pepper Financial Book With True-Life Details
By Cheryl Hall – Dallas Morning News, 02/14/2010

There is nothing typical about Tina Pennington and Mandy Wiiliams' book or how it came to market. Let's just start with the fact that the story is about them, but their names are nowhere to be found. For more ... DMN Article For file with photographs ... Article & Photographs

Local Sisters Turn Differences Into First Book
By Diane Tezeno – Houston Community Newspapers (Sugar Land Sun), 12/10/2009

Sugar Land resident Tina Pennington and her sister, Mandy Williams are as different as night and day. One, a stay-at-home mother of two children, who describes herself as the "warm and fuzzy" type and the other, a self-proclaimed "pragmatist" who retired by age 40 from the oil and gas industry, owns two race cars and has faced life head on since enrolling in college at the age of 16. For more ... HCN Article

Managing Holiday Stress With Red And Black
By Sibila Vargas – Fox News (Houston), 12/8/2009 9:00 AM CST

HOUSTON - For some people, the holidays are a time for fun and festivity, but for others, they are a stressful period when dealing with finances, time management and pleasing others. Red and Black know a thing or two about stress. To see the video ... FOX TV (Vargas)

What Do You Tell People?
By Jose Grinan – Fox News (Houston), 11/9/2009 9:00 AM CST

HOUSTON - It's a challenge that many people are facing in this troubling economy - what do you tell people you're close with about the loss of a job? For some, it might mean an embarrassing stigma to deal with but Tina and Mandy, who go by the names Red and Black, are the authors of a new book and they're here to give us all some helpful tips so we can move past it all. To see the video … FOX TV (Grinan)

Sisters Discover Common Ground As Writers
By Kim Morgan – Houston Chronicle (Ultimate Fort Bend), 11/5/2009 (11/17/09)

They call themselves Red and Black. One is a red-headed mother of two who lives in Sugar Land, the other a financially savvy brunette who lives in the Galleria area. Originally from Long Island, N.Y., and admittedly polar opposites, the sisters united and co-authored a book titled What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired: A Real Life Approach to Personal Finance and Prioritizing Your Life. … "My world was crumbling apart," Pennington said. "One day I see my sister taking notes while I'm talking about it. I said, ‘What are you doing?' She said, ‘I'm taking notes for a book.' I said ‘Thank you. I'm in the crisis of my life and you're starting a new business venture." Even though it was the crisis of Pennington's life, Williams, a motivated businesswoman, saw it differently. For more … HC Article

Between The Lines …
Focus on Women Magazine, November 2009

Focus on Women editor-in-chief Patti Parish-Kaminski took our book with her on Labor Day weekend and told us she seriously loved the book and "had the best time." She not only recommended the book to the Literacy Council of Fort Bend County, but also gave it a full page spread in their November issue. To see it ... FOW November

Pink Slip Inspires Book Publication
By Allison Wollam – Houston Business Journal, Week of October 16-22, 2009

Stay-at-home mom Tina Pennington had to confront issues she had never considered when her husband lost his job. She decided to share the experience in a book. Pennington and her sister, Mandy Williams, co-founded Red & Black Book LLC and published "What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired." The book is a recollection of conversations, e-mails, IMs and phone calls. Pennington touches on a variety of topics, from personal finance to placing life priorities to time management. The authors opted against using traditional marketing efforts. They hired local boutique publishing company Bright Sky Press as a consultant and made the expensive decision to print the book in the United States at RR Donnelley & Sons Co.'s Wetmore Plant in Houston. The book is currently available at Neiman Marcus in Houston, with a scheduled rollout to other locations throughout the state. Robert Devlin, general manager of Neiman Marcus Houston-Galleria, gives "What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired" good reviews. Says Devlin: "I would compare this book to "The Devil Wears Prada" in that it is entertaining and fun to read. However, the big difference is that this book offers valuable information we can all use to make our lives better."

Financial "How To" Book
By Cyndi Edwards – Daytime on WFLA/NBC-TV (National/Syndicated), 10/6/2009 10:00 AM EST

TAMPA - Would you be ready to step up to the plate and keep your financial house in order? That's what this book is about. Called ‘What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!' it was written and published by two sisters, Mandy Williams and Tina Pennington. They go by the names Red and Black. You are about to see why. (Note the slight Oops: They reversed our identities in the segment!) To see the video … WFLA TV

Looked Like A Financial Planner But I Learned So Much More
By Maggie Linton & Kim Alexander – Cover to Cover Live (Sirius/XM Book Radio), 10/7/2009 2:00 PM EST

The book is called ‘What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!' It's a financial strategy book and it's one of the best that I've ever seen. It's really good and everyone should read it. It's very readable and the way they put it together is very clever. To hear the 30-minute interview … Cover to Cover 1

Around Houston - New Book Releases
Houston Lifestyles & Homes Online Magazine,October 2009

[Houston Lifestyles & Homes reviews new book releases and featured Red and Black on the homepage HL - Homepage as well as in its book reviews.] Eavesdrop on sisters Red and Black's candid, and entertaining, exchanges as they discuss the things that matter most. Their informative conversations cover everything from specific financial issues such as balance sheets, credit cards and long-term financial planning to more fundamental concepts such as values, time management and handling stress. For more ... HL Article

Pair Fired Up About Finances
By Cynthia Lescallett – Houston Community Newspapers (Bellaire Examiner, River Oaks Examiner and West University Examiner), 9/30/2009

A book with a timely title has timeless content. "What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!" invites readers to follow e-mails of introspection and instruction between the authors, who are sisters with two very different perspectives on finances and life. For more ... HCN (Lescallett)

The 'Red & Black' of Personal Finance
By Ruben Dominguez – Fox News (Houston), 9/29/2009 10:30 AM CDT

HOUSTON - Are you in control of your finances and would you be able to support your family if you are suddenly hit with a crisis? A duo of sisters from the Houston area, who call themselves Red & Black, preview their book on FOX 26 Morning News. To see the video and associated story … FOX TV (Dominguez)

Economic Crisis Leads To Self Discovery
By Chris Stipes – Fox News (Houston), 9/17/2009 9:37 PM CDT

HOUSTON - Meet the authors via their first television interview. A Sugar Land woman in "crisis" after her husband got fired is trying to help others take control of their lives by telling her story in a new book. To see the video and associated story … FOX TV (Stipes)

Self-Published Book Gets Neiman Marcus Launch
By Judith Rosen – Publishers Weekly, 8/21/2009 9:00:00 AM

It's the kind of marketing opportunity that experienced publishing folks often find tough to pull off, a window and launch event at Neiman Marcus. But then self-publisher Mandy Williams, the "Black" of the sister writing duo, "the Red and the Black," is not an easy person to turn down. Of course it doesn't hurt that the store manager of the Houston Neiman Marcus compares the book that she and sister, Tina Pennington, wrote, What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired! ($25 suggested list price), to a cross between The Devil Wears Prada and a practical book on finance. The book will be rolling out to other Neiman Marcus stores in Texas and be available online in a special Neiman Marcus edition. For more ... PW Article


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