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Not Conventional

Although we have written a book, we don't think of ourselves as authors. And just because it's self-published, it doesn't make us publishers. Red is first and foremost a mom. Black, on the other hand, is a retired corporate executive with significant business experience, but none in publishing. Without going into all the details - though it's an interesting story - we ultimately published 'What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!' in a unique fashion. We used an independent publisher, Bright Sky Press, as a consultant and created a hybrid publishing model, a combination of traditional and self publishing. Obviously, we don't do things like everyone else. Or at least Black doesn't. So don't expect our approach to anything to be conventional.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, it doesn't matter to us if you think our philosophies are right or wrong, make good business sense or not, or are the correct path to take as first-time authors or not. It might make for interesting discussion, and may even end up on someone's blog, but it won't change anything. Our decisions are based on what we believe. And as Black points out in the book, it's extremely important that your words and actions match.

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