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Although we have never used a PR specialist or publicist, and we do not (yet) have a social media campaign, word is spreading organically (oh, the sarcastic comments Black could make about that phrase).  Of course, we would greatly appreciate you helping us generate more buzz about Red & Black so more people will discover us, too! 

Red & Black

For a complete listing of our traditional and social media (including our recurring appearances on The Drew Pearson Show in 2013), please see the links to the right.


Prior to Black turning her crisis into a book – a brand – a business, Red was a stay-at-home Mom and she did not "appear" anywhere. Except, of course, in the school carpool line, the grocery store, the vet's office, the ice skating rink, the taekwondo academy, etc. Not to mention the hours she just sits at home eating bon-bons, or at least that is what our Mom thinks since she does not have a "real job". Anyway, for some reason the media did not find any of those activities newsworthy. Go figure!


As always, Black is different. The rule used to be that you appeared in the newspaper three times in your life: your birth, your marriage, and your death. But Black will be the first to explain that as technology allowed the media to provide us with "fast food news" there became a need – almost insatiable – for content as audiences now want a constant stream of information/entertainment.  Prior to Red & Black, she tried to keep a "low profile" ... but that can be a challenge when you race a Ferrari.