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Social Media

We finally succumbed to the pressure to use social media, although we do not (yet) have a social media campaign ... and also appear on numerous social media sites, and sometimes do blog radio.

Media Coverage

Although we have never used a PR specialist or publicist, and we do not (yet) have a social media campaign, word is spreading organically (oh, the sarcastic comments Black could make about that phrase). Of course, we would greatly appreciate you helping us generate more buzz about Red & Black so more people will discover us, too!

If you are interested in all our media coverage, click here.

Our Favorites

This was not an easy list to develop, especially as we each gravitate toward very different type articles and stories. The following "Favorites" are the ones we both agree on … although Black did defer to Red on several of them, recognizing that Red has a better feel for what "mere mortals" (Red's term, not Black's) find interesting. Now there is an understatement!

Since there was no way we were going to try and rank these, we decided to list them in reverse chronological order so that any new "favorites" will appear at the top of the list. However, Red suggests that you read them from the bottom up to get a feel for how our story "builds" ...