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Word is starting to get out about some of our unusual business decisions. (Printing in the U.S. although it doubled our costs, no Amazon or Barnes & Noble, creating a hybrid publishing model, etc.) At speaking engagements we often use them as examples of how your values and priorities should drive all your decisions - whether in your personal life or in business. And "The Red & Black Story" is included as its own section in our companion guide, The Book Club Approach To Personal Finance & Life 101, and has been approved by the Texas State Board of Education as meeting their mandate that high school students be taught how to start a business. Although much of our media coverage mentions our business decisions, any articles which we consider strictly "business advice" will be posted here:

Short But Sweet: How Your Business Plan Might Be Holding You Back
By Marcia Layton Turner – Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2012

... Mandy Williams invested even more time -- thousands of hours over the course of a year -- developing a comprehensive business plan for an entertainment production company. To read the entire article, including the opening section which focuses on Red & Black, please go to Entrepreneur

Why You Shouldn't Follow the Rules
By Mike Michalowicz, American Express Open Forum, posted 03/23/12

We live with so many rules and laws that we start to believe there are rules for everything. Rules are everywhere: in sports, buried in unspoken politics, guidelines. All these involve rules. As a result, many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of believing that their industry has rules that can't be broken. They believe that their industry works the way it does because of rules. They're wrong. Successful entrepreneurs know that breaking these non-existent rules is in fact the key to success. Case in point: Tina Pennington and Mandy Williams, better known as Red & Black … To read the article, go to www.openforum.com/articles/why-you-shouldnt-follow-the-rules

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Book Marketing Update, Staff Writer (March 2010)

Red & Black is the focus of an article on smart professional strategies. Although the target audience of this publication is authors and publishers, the advice is applicable to all marketing professionals in all industries. To read the article, go to ... Book Marketing Update