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We still find it hard to believe that What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!, which was intended as the basis of a sitcom, became the "textbook" for a financial literacy program we were asked to develop and "teach" to the Class of 2010 at KIPP Houston High School. Since then, use of our book is growing organically within the education and criminal justice worlds, and although we have received a variety of media coverage, there has been (surprisingly) little that is exclusively about our book and program from a purely educational perspective.

Educating Using Personal Mission Statements
TCSS "The Social Studies Texan" Article (Spring 2013)

The official publication of the Texas Council for the Social Studies (TCSS) includes an article by Stacey White, a Social Studies/economics teacher, who wondered how a book intended as a sitcom could ever journey into the world of education. And ultimately found a book that her students fell in love with (she admits that it even had an impact on her), and felt that Red & Black had offered them, and even their parents, a "guidebook for life." (Many of them even purchased copies of this "textbook" so they could keep it.) To read the entire article, go to ... The Social Studies Texan

Speakers' journey helped get Red back in the black
TCAT Tales, Staff Writer (Summer 2010)

This official newsletter of the Textbook Coordinators Association of Texas (TCAT) introduces Red & Black to their membership. The article, which announces Red & Black will be keynoting at the TCAT Conference in December, follows the format of the book in that both Red & Black answer questions about their book, their interest in the textbook community and what they'll be speaking on at the conference. To read the article, go to ... TCAT Tales