Educating Others
Our Newspaper Column

Although we wrote a book, we do not consider ourselves "authors."  We established a publishing company; yet do not consider ourselves "publishers."  We developed and taught a 12-week financial literacy program to the Classes of 2010 and 2011 at KIPP Houston High School, but would never call ourselves "teachers."  So, following that logic, we should not consider ourselves "columnists" either, although we have been writing a monthly column for the Jewish Herald-Voice since September 2010. Our monthly column for the KIPP Alumni newsletter started that same month, and often times the topics (and titles) are very similar for the two columns – but not always.

We have received feedback that our Jewish Herald-Voice columns are often used to start conversations in families, community organizations, schools, and prisons, so please feel free to reprint them for educational purposes. To access our twelve most recent monthly Jewish Herald-Voice columns (as well as our first one), please go to the "Our Newspaper Column" webpage (click here).