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KIPP Alumni Column

We want to take this opportunity to publicly thank the KIPP Houston High School Class of 2010 for being so patient and providing great feedback as we developed and taught our 12-week financial literacy program. The program included more than just lessons about money and other Life 101 topics, it dealt with values and priorities. And also mindsets and perspectives.

We knew their perspective of Red & Black would change dramatically from the first day ... when they were told a cookie-baking Mom from the suburbs and her sister who races Ferraris and Porsches were going to teach them about personal finance ... to the final class when we applied all the "lessons" to their college selection process.

However, we never expected they would want to continue to hear more, but they did. In fact, they asked us to write a monthly column for the KIPP (Houston) Alumni Association (KAA) Newsletter. The column was introduced in September 2010 and we are flattered to now be included on the KAA website (launched August 2014). 

Although the columns have been written specifically for the KIPP graduates (and some of the columns are similar to the ones we write for the Jewish Herald-Voice), we have received feedback that they are also being used as a "Teaching Tool" by an assortment of schools to start conversations in classrooms.

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