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We appear on various social media sites, and all those listings appear in the "R&B - In The Media" section.  However, we have culled through those and below are those related to the business side of Red & Black:

What Do You Include In Your Sales And Marketing Plan?
By Sarah Shaw –The Entreprenette Gazette, posted 06/30/11

My plan includes: Neiman Marcus launched our book as we thought our market was baby boomer women. Our marketing strategy did NOT include developing/teaching a financial literacy program or becoming a State-approved "textbook." Our story demonstrates the importance of planning – of having a road map, but realizing there are many different roads to the same destination. Be prepared for detours and/or road blocks, but they do not mean you cannot reach your destination. You may even find a better way …

When To Say No In Your Business
By Michael Michalowicz – The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, posted 06/16/10

DO YOU WANT TO APPEAR ON OUR TELEVISION SHOW? No. Because it was subscription programming and we did not feel the company (and the product/services they were selling) met our standards of integrity and value. In fact, I felt their financial recommendations were bad advice and their product merely a marketing angle. And even though we knew that the subscribers (viewers) would purchase in excess of 1,000 books, and could have been as many as 5,000 books, we felt we were selling out our beliefs (and therefore what we stood for, and our reputation) for short-term benefits. Do we regret our decision, no. And we explained our decision by stating our book mentions over 60 companies whose products and services we use, and so we felt appearing on their show indicated we endorsed their product and felt we might be misleading the audience. 

How to Succeed at Business: Vision, Courage and Flexibility
By Victoria Pynchon - Forbes, posted 03/27/11

When we recognize our sisters' successes, we rarely ask "how exactly did you do that? I mean, step-by-step." We congratulate them and walk away thinking sure, they could do it because [pick one] they had the education or they had the experience or they had the connections. What we don't see is the persistent dogged and optimistic determination success requires. Belief in ourselves and our service or product. And perhaps most importantly, our willingness to fail. To read more, go to: blogs.forbes.com/shenegotiates/2011/03/27/how-to-succeed-at-business-vision-courage-and-flexibility/

When The Power Of Financial Literacy Meets The Entrepreneurial Spirit
By Victoria Pynchon - Forbes, posted 03/15/11

I recently related a tale about the transformative power of financial literacy. The sisters at the heart of that story – Mandy Williams and Tina Pennington – wrote a book about their mutually transformative experience. Mandy, who was always "in the black" could have stopped providing financial advice right where my last post left you – with her "red" sister Tina newly empowered to manage her financial life. But that's not what happened. As we encourage all of our "She Negotiates" students to do, Mandy and Tina recognized the opportunity to negotiate their own economic future, seized that opportunity, captured its true market value, and, went on to make an important difference in the world. To read more, go to: blogs.forbes.com/shenegotiates/2011/03/15/when-the-power-of-financial-literacy-meets-the-entrepreneurial-spirit/

The One Thing You Were Not Prepared For As An Entrepreneur
By Michael Michalowicz – The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, posted 12/07/10

15. A Textbook Titled ... What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired! ???
Neiman Marcus launched our self-published book, but we were not prepared for KIPP Houston High School to ask us to use it as the basis of a pilot financial literacy program (which we developed and taught) for the Class of 2010, or for it to be officially approved by the State Board of Education as a textbook. However, our long-term plan was developed with the flexibility to accommodate changes because we know there are many different roads to the same destination and that you have to be prepared for detours, road blocks and OPPORTUNITIES. (Thanks to Mandy Williams of Red & Black Books.)