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Red & Black YouTube Channel: youtube.com/redandblack2004

In 2012, the seniors at YES Prep Public Schools in Houston were reading What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!, and invited us to be the keynote speakers at their Senior Summit. The theme was "Life Is A Journey" and we used our own personal journeys, as well as the "story" of Red & Black, to talk about many important life lessons. The May 29, 2012 presentation was video-taped by YES Prep, and one of the seniors in attendance who was a media production student asked if he could use excerpts of our keynote presentation to create an assortment of YouTube videos. Of course, we were flattered and said, "Yes." (Thank you, Aurelio – for asking, and for producing such great videos!)

Interestingly, at the time we barely used social media very much, although we already had thousands (really!) of followers on Twitter (@RedBlackReal), so created our own YouTube channel. As each video was released, we watched the number of views grow quickly, and there have been over 800,000 views of the following eight videos (just "click" on the title to view).

  • RED & BLACK: A Crisis? A Sitcom? A Textbook?Let us introduce ourselves – the straight-A student and the "less-than-stellar" student … and some of the lessons we have learned along the way.
  • RED & BLACK: Who Are Red & Black?Who or what is Red & Black? Two sisters - two very different lives and lifestyles - and a very unusual family tree.
  • RED & BLACK: Assets, Liabilities & FerrarisCan you connect the dots between Coca-Cola, Tiger Woods, education, and two Ferraris? Yes, not one, but two Ferraris.
  • RED & BLACK: Communication, Relationships & Talking Stuffed Animals: An embarrassing (for Red, at least) PowerPoint slide emphasizes how important it is to find the best, albeit maybe not the most traditional, method to communicate.
  • RED & BLACK: College … Two Different Approaches: Are you – or is someone you know – trying to decide where to go to college? Consider this … Red went to an impressive "big name" university whereas Black went to a little known college. But when Red, the straight-A student, had a "crisis" it was her sister Black, the discipline problem, who was there to help her. Check out their very different approaches to college … and to life … in this video.
  • RED & BLACK: Black's Backwards Planning: Most people plan using "today' as their starting point and then look forward. But, of course, Black looks at things differently. Very differently … and has the audience answer some questions and lets them decide for themselves which methods works best.
  • RED & BLACK: Life Is Like A Racetrack: Black was the first woman to race the road course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway - and is probably the first person to use a track map to explain how "life is like a racetrack."
  • RED & BLACK: Red: I Need To Talk To Someone: In a stressful situation? Have a problem you are not sure how to handle? There is no reason to feel alone. There ARE people to talk to …