Educating Others
Black's Ferrari

Black's Track Map

Black was the first woman to race the road course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway – and is probably the first (and maybe only) person to use a track map to explain how "life is like a racetrack."

We do not remember when she first starting doing this, but it was prior to our keynote speech at the YES Prep Senior Summit in May 2012. Since the presentation was filmed, one of the attending media production students (thank you, Aurelio!) created an assortment of YouTube videos from our keynote capturing what he thought were key messages, including "Life Is Like A Racetrack."

  • To access the YouTube video, click here.
  • To access the track map, click here.

P. S.– We have had several people tell us they keep the track map in a highly visible place as a visual reminder of its message.

Wishing Upon A Car

Black and her Ferrari race car were the cover story on her university alumni magazine back in 2009. So many people have enjoyed the article, "Wishing Upon A Car" – initially because of the photographs, but then we started receiving feedback on the important life lessons about charity, girls' empowerment, college choices, and values and priorities. To access it, click here.