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We Love To Talk

A woman once looked across a parking lot and saw us talking to each other, and came over to tell us, "I don't know what you're talking about, but it sure looks like you're having fun and I'd love to be a part of it." That should have been our first clue that we one day we would become public speakers.

Our second clue was when we were talking to someone about our upcoming book, and how it was intended as the basis of a sitcom and was going to be launched by Neiman Marcus. They immediately invited us to be their featured speaker at the breakfast meeting of their professional women's group. (The Question & Answer segment of that breakfast, which could have lasted until lunch, is what started our detour into the education world.)

Even back then, there was no shortage of material to talk about – from the story of how it all began to Black's decision to self-publish (it seems everyone has a book inside of them) and print in the U.S.A. (doubling our cost) to how we ended up as mannequins in a Neiman Marcus window display. And that was BEFORE our book started its journey into the education world, and then criminal justice.

Since then we have done countless speaking engagements and keynotes (Black wants it noted that "countless" is not technically correct), with audiences ranging from an auditorium full of middle school students (first thing in the morning, no less) to senior citizens.

Looking For Speakers? Looking For Storytellers?

Red & Black's tagline is "real sisters. real life." And we will be the first to tell you that we are not experts in any given field, but rather are becoming experts of our own lives. Everyone can do that. No expertise required.

We are a story-telling society, and that is what we do. We tell stories. Stories with a message – stories with a meaning. Stories that are entertaining, yet educational. But not in a boring "sit and get" way, rather in a "hey, I can take those ideas and use them in my life today!" way. Stories that, from the very beginning, audiences have told us (their words – not ours) are inspirational and motivating. (One woman even told us we were a movement waiting to happen, and the rest of the audience agreed with her.)

A Wide Range Of Audiences & Topics ... With Two Very Different Perspectives

Our speaking engagements have been for a wide range of audiences and entities (see link on the right for a current listing) and demographics we never imagined (our book and sitcom were targeted at baby boomer women, because we are baby boomer women) – as our journey and stories are resonating with men and women, from middle school students to senior citizens, from moms to business executives.

We offer a wide assortment of topics, and provide two very different perspectives – the "mere mortal" mom (that is how Red describes herself) versus the pragmatic, business executive (Black). So, whether it is hearing about the story of "Red & Black" (life never goes as planned), the topics addressed in our book (a real approach to personal finance and Life 101), our business decisions (want to hear how we turned down a lucrative cable show?), our detours into education and criminal justice, or how Black uses the track map of Indianapolis Motor Speedway (she was the first woman to race its road course) to explain how life is like a racetrack (to name some of our more popular topics) – you will (hopefully) laugh and learn and come away entertained but also with instantly actionable take-a-ways.

All Custom Tailored

Sometimes one size does not fit all. One of the most important things to us, because there are countless ways to tailor our speaking engagements, is to work with you to meet YOUR objectives and the specific needs of YOUR audience. And, since we have years of experience with widely different entities, we can provide insight on what others have done. Not to mention, we can spin on a dime and modify our presentations at the last minute because we are not tied to a script. (Much to the dismay of Red, who was the straight-A student and would prefer to study in advance.) Oh, and based on experience, we suggest you leave ample time for Question & Answer.

Want More Information?

If you, or someone you know, are looking for dynamic speakers that can deliver inspiring – and relevant – messages in an entertaining fashion, we would love to hear from you.

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To contact Red, email her at Red01@RedandBlackBooks.com.

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