Educating Others
Our Approach

We are “Red & Black” which means we are, first and foremost, sisters. So, when Black first took Red through the topics of personal finance and Life 101 in the days and weeks after her husband was fired, she did it from a real life perspective, sharing her thoughts and experience. Although Red had been a "straight-A student" so would have preferred a "textbook" approach, Black realized "book learning" without real life application was part of Red's problem.

Our "approach" to everything (see the links on the right for specific topics) is rooted in real life, not theory and definitions. It is focused on what has worked for us, and appears to be working for others.

We acknowledge that our approach to "learning" may be different than what is traditionally done, but rote learning is typically not internalized … which means it may get you through the test (even with an "A" if you are Red), but it does not mean it will have long-term staying power. (Black likes to say, "Life is the test.")

Please note: We do not believe it has to be an "either or" situation. Our materials can easily be used to supplement traditional curricula and vice versa.