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Powerful Feedback

Regardless of how much we can talk (whether it is Red and her love of the blah-blah-blah or Black and her beloved bullet points) about what we have seen over the years, we strongly believe that the most effective and powerful voices are from those that have experienced and/or used Red & Black for themselves. We feel that the feedback we have received – from traditional school settings to community and religious organizations to those in the criminal justice world (both on the "inside" and "outside") – speak from a place of authenticity and credibility.

We never realized that our book would take on a life of its own, otherwise we would have accumulated all the feedback in one place from the beginning (ok, technically, Black would have), so we are now in the process of locating everything. As a start, we have gathered a small sampling of the amazing feedback that we have received. It is organized by the categories listed below, and can be accessed by clicking on the links to the right.

  • Schools
    • High School Teachers
    • Students (KIPP Houston High School)
    • International Educators
  • Organizations
    • Community Organizations
    • Religious Organizations
  • Criminal Justice
    • Moderators
    • Participants

As you will see, especially if you check out all the categories, you are never too young – or too old – to become lifelong learners.

The Most Powerful Voices Of All?

We received permission for a film crew to spend three days inside Stringfellow Unit to interview the very first Red & Black pilot program participants, as well as the chaplain who championed the program. Black's initial plan was to have the raw footage "in the can" in case a documentary was done at a later date. However, after watching the 11+ hours of raw footage, we decided that the voices of these men were so powerful, and relayed such important messages, that they needed to be heard. Now.

  • Red & Black: The Stringfellow Story: To watch this powerful 15-minute video, click here.
  • Red & Black: If I Had Known: For the fast-paced 2-minute trailer, click here.

And it is not just us who believe in the powerful messages of this video … schools, churches, and community organizations are telling us that they are using the video to get the conversation started about the importance of personal finance and other life 101 topics. In fact, we have been told by a high school counselor that his seniors watched the entire video and not a single person reached for their cell phone.


Powerful Feedback