Educating Others
Beyond Texas


It all began when totally out of the blue Red was contacted through our website by the chaplain at the Bradford County Jail in Florida, asking how to acquire our book for his inmates, stating "They desperately need to implement the contents of this book into their daily lives." We were very excited, but also very curious as to how the chaplain had heard about us and our book. We went through all the different possibilities – including that perhaps someone at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice had recommended it to him – never dreaming what the real answer was to be.

When Red spoke to the chaplain (soon after replying to his inquiry) she found out that he had been searching the internet for a personal finance program for the men and women, and based on the words in his search found the link to our video, Red & Black: The Stringfellow Story (which had been "unlisted at the time") and, after having watched it, he immediately contacted us as he felt that our book and program was exactly what was needed.

To read more about how the program was a success …

  • The Chaplain's feedback is available here
  • A selection of excerpts from the program's participants is available here

Additional Locations

We would love to have our program continue to expand and help offenders, and their families, in other locations. If you have any interest in "test-driving" (definitely Black's word) a Red & Black program, or have contacts within the criminal justice system, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Red at education@RedandBlackBooks.com.