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Good news! You will NOT have to develop lesson plans, nor do you need be a personal finance or Life 101 expert. But, be prepared to have fun and make a difference in the lives of others.

  • What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!: For more information on the book that was intended as the basis of a sitcom, but instead became a Texas State Board of Education approved personal financial literacy textbook and is the basis of the "Red & Black Personal Finance & Life 101" prison program, click here
  • Letter From Red (Please Don't "Teach" Our Book And Program): Red explains, using examples, how our program is truly as easy as a book club. To access her letter, click here.
  • Social Evidence Stories: Read stories from a private Catholic school system, a food bank, and a community literacy organization, each demonstrating how the Red & Black book/program is having an immediate – and far reaching impact – on program participants, by clicking here.

Opportunity To Earn A Micro-Credential

A what? Well, at least that is what Red said the first time she heard the term "micro-credential". Black then explained that traditionally, educators have demonstrated skills and competencies through degrees and certificates. However, the way we pursue knowledge has changed drastically and that Micro-credentials are a mechanism to demonstrate continued learning, and the acquisition of skills and competencies through other pathways.

Ok, so what does that mean in terms of our prison program? Quite simple, that moderators of a Red & Black prison program are eligible to earn a Micro-credential.

  • To learn more about Micro-credentials, click here.
  • To learn about the Red & Black personal finance Micro-credential, click here.
  • For ideas/suggestions related to submissions for criminal justice programs, click here.

Red & Black Speaking Engagements

Whether you are already involved in the criminal justice world, considering how to get involved, or just interested in learning more about this increasingly publicized topic – we would be delighted to work with you to provide a presentation that is lively, relevant, and thought-provoking.

Our detour into the prison world started at a speaking engagement, when in February 2012, we were invited to be the first presenters in the four year history of the annual international Prisoner's Family Conference to hold a workshop about personal finance and other Life 101 topics. Our session at the Albuquerque conference, titled "Taking Control of Your Life vs. Having Your Life Control You" (for more detail, click here), resulted in us meeting the founder of a prison ministry organization who invited Black to an event at the Stringfellow Unit (located 30 miles south of Houston). It was at the pre-event organizational meeting that Black met the chaplain who ultimately championed the pilot Red & Black program at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Three years later the conference organizers invited us to be their opening speakers, and our keynote, "Red & Black: The Ripple Effect Starts with You" focused on the difference one person CAN make – and the ripple effect of our actions. We reflected upon our own journey into the prison world, the important lessons we (and especially Red) learned about the misconceptions about prisoners and their families. We may not be able to change the attitudes of society all at once, but we definitely can all change the attitudes of individuals – one by one. Having the "right" mindset and perspective can make all the difference.

We have done an assortment of keynotes and workshops for criminal justice conferences, prison ministries, and government entities. (We have been part of TDCJ's Chaplaincy Department's annual In-Service for four years – three of which focused on the use of our program at TDCJ units, and one year was a Personal Resource Management program we developed for the chaplains.)

PLEASE NOTE: All our speaking engagements are custom tailored to meet YOUR objectives and the specific needs of YOUR audience. And since we have years of experience with widely different entities, we can provide insight on what others have done. Not to mention, we can spin on a dime and modify our presentations at the last minute because we are not tied to a script. (Much to the dismay of Red, who was the straight-A student and would prefer to study in advance.) Oh, and based on experience, we suggest you leave ample time for Question & Answer.

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For more information, contact Red at education@RedandBlackBooks.com.