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Share Fair Nation

Underwritten by the Morgridge Family Foundation, Share Fair Nation (now called mindSpark Learning) is about propelling schools toward the best 21st Century Classrooms. Educators, students, and the community joins innovative leaders and experiences hands-on, minds-on education methods. In 2014 and 2015, Red & Black were honored to travel across the country with Share Fair Nation, and participate in this initiative to transform education.

Session Title: Red & Black – A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hollywood

Session Description: Students may not like MATH, but they love MONEY. Sisters Red (a warm and fuzzy, stay-at-home mom) and Black (an extremely pragmatic retired business executive that races Ferraris) may not be your traditional authors (or teachers), but their book club approach to personal finance and other Life 101 topics has students – and teachers – laughing and learning. When Black turned Red's "crisis" into a book, it was intended as the basis of a sitcom, but shortly after it was launched by Neiman Marcus it began its journey into the world of education. Approved by the Texas State Board of Education, and called a "reality show in a book" by students, the book (which will be provided to session attendees free of charge) is a fun read that covers topics that impact everyone, and can be easily integrated into an assortment of different subjects. Share Fair is about learning and sharing, and Red & Black's session will be formatted the same way it is being used by schools, non-profit organizations, and even prisons … as a book study. In addition to participating in Red & Black's "laugh and learn" approach, session attendees will have an opportunity to engage in valuable dialogue with other participants. Please note: All locations will have sessions on Classroom Applications, and some locations will also have sessions on Professional & Personal Development Applications.

Session Format: Although each session will begin with a brief "explanation" of Red & Black's journey into the world of education and examples of how the book/program has been used by various entities (schools, literacy organizations, prisons, etc.), the focus will be on providing food-for-thought and generating discussion as the attendees are the education experts. The goal of the Question & Answer portion is to start brainstorming on how to better prepare students ... for life!

Session Attendees: Initially, we expected educators would attend our session to learn about best practices for bringing personal finance and other Life 101 topics into their classrooms in order to better prepare students for life. However, as word got out, our session started to fill up with educators who were interested in our program – and our presentation – for their own professional and personal development. And, even student volunteers at the various college campuses where Share Fair Nation were being held, also started to attend our sessions.