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We started this dropdown with a cartoon where Red laments that we have so much information for educators and it does not fit nice and neatly in any one place, and even though we created an "Additional Information" section, there is still a few "fiddly bits" (Red's terminology) that did not fit anywhere, so here they are …


We have given countless (well, not technically, but you know what we mean) presentations to a very wide range of audiences (from 8th graders to senior citizens, men and women) on a very wide range of topics. Not to mention, we traveled the United States as part of an ambitious education initiative developed by the Morgridge Family Foundation.

We love talking with educators, but our favorite audiences are students. We especially love doing "Question and Answer" (which is even more interesting if they have participated in a Red & Black program so they have a sense of who we are), because we love the unexpected, and you just never know what a student will ask.  

Miscellaneous Items

  • Can You Connect The Dots: This "corporate" brochure provides a quick overview of Red & Black and our unusual journey: From a sitcom to Neiman Marcus to schools to prisons (including some "entertaining" photos). Click here.
  • Media Coverage: Although we have never used a PR specialist or publicist, and we do not (yet) have a social media campaign, word is spreading organically. Of course, we would greatly appreciate you helping us generate more buzz about Red & Black so more educators will discover us, too! We are currently developing a list of "Our Favorite" media, but you can see all our media coverage here.
  • Edmodo: www.edmodo.com/RedandBlack is the direct link to the Red & Black teacher page on Edmodo, and the link to join the "Red & Black" Group is https://edmo.do/j/p3wjbw. Although we do not use Edmodo, if you do and want us to provide information or resources, or if you want to help develop the group, please send us a note on Edmodo.

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For more information, contact Red at education@RedandBlackBooks.com.