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Journey In Review

Our journey continues … although our mom thinks we just sit around eating bon-bons as she does not understand that we are building a brand. (To her, success is measured by how many books we have sold. The answer is well over 10,000 and still going strong … which is extraordinary for a self-published book without any marketing campaign.) She thinks Red is still “just” a warm and fuzzy stay-at-home mom and Black is a wealthy retired business executive with expensive cars. (Sounds like the sitcom characters we created years ago!)

So, what happened to the business plan Black developed years before our book launch in 2009? And the fact that our book was going to be the basis of a sitcom? Actually, our plan for the Red & Black brand is still valid – except for the timeline – and the fact our reach is even wider than we could ever have imagined is simply an unexpected, but very welcome, surprise.

How did that happen? Good question, which we often ask ourselves. (Red does because she likes to reminisce. Black, on the hand, is trying to understand “why” it happened in order to move forward.) So, we decided to create annual "Year In Review" pages (available on the right) to see where we have been (we found some great photos we had forgotten) … and to try to “connect on the dots” of our journey.

If you want to access our “Can You Connect The Dots?” brochure, which provides an overview of our unusual journey (also with some great photos and graphics), please click here.

Journey In Review