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Although we wrote a book, we do not consider ourselves "authors." We established a publishing company; yet do not consider ourselves "publishers." We developed and taught a 12-week financial literacy program to the Classes of 2010 and 2011 at KIPP Houston High School, but would never call ourselves "teachers." So, following that logic, we should not consider ourselves "columnists" either, although we have been writing a monthly column for the Jewish Herald-Voice since September 2010.

THIS MONTH'S COLUMN: What does February mean to you? Can you connect the dots between Valentine’s Day, forgotten New Year’s resolutions, and avoiding heart disease? As usual, Red’s conversation with Black starts with a problem and ends up with not only inspiration and motivation, but instantly actionable ideas! In Red & Black … Have A Heart, Red finds a great way to show love – for others and for herself. Maybe you will, too?