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Although we wrote a book, we do not consider ourselves "authors." We established a publishing company; yet do not consider ourselves "publishers." We developed and taught a 12-week financial literacy program to the Classes of 2010 and 2011 at KIPP Houston High School, but would never call ourselves "teachers." So, following that logic, we should not consider ourselves "columnists" either, although we have been writing a monthly column for the Jewish Herald-Voice since September 2010.

THIS MONTH'S COLUMN: COVID-19 has changed everything – for all of us, which points out that we’re all in this – together. And, helping each other will be the best way through it. For us, we can’t make ventilators or masks, but we do have the ability to offer FREE resources to educators, including our best-selling book and a just-launched series of short animated videos. Find out more, including how to access everything, in this month’s column, Red & Black … FREE and Animated.