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Tools For Taking Control

As we continue to "detour" into new directions and expand our audiences, we are finding that many of Black's ideas and approaches to an assortment of topics are resonating with people. (Red will be the first to tell you that Black's mind does not function like everyone else's … whereas Black just thinks she is extremely pragmatic, and does not let emotions get in the way.) We plan to continue developing webpages to capture relevant information and will include them in this section. Red likes to call them "instantly actionable" items, although some may only get you to stop and think. But that, too, is a good thing.

Tools For Taking Control currently includes:

  • POPULAR "TOOLS": Such as "Green Sheets" and "Weekly Planners" – as they are mentioned in many of our speaking engagements. (These are FREE downloads as we hate when someone talks about something and then tells you where you can buy it.)
  • BOOK BITES: We hope these short excerpts from our book will help you "laugh and learn" as you tackle various Life 101 topics. 
  • BLACK'S FERRARI: This includes Black's Track Map which has been a huge hit (for some reason everyone loves to learn how to race Indy) ever since the first time she used it to explain how life is like a race track.